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Spring Fashion and High Heel Shoes:  How to Make 5-Inch Heels More Comfortable


Spring 2011 high heels, flirtatious dresses.. is there anything not to love about this season’s fashion?  Well, maybe.  Five-inch high heels are gorgeous to look at and quite fun to wear.  However, spending the day (or night) in high heel shoes creates an uncomfortable balance between different parts of feet – mainly the forefoot (where your toes are), the arch and lastly, our much-abused natural heels.  Pain from high heels shoes can become lasting or aggravate preexisting issues with feet.  Still, Women everywhere are in love with Spring high heels and the hottest new styles of five-inch heels are in full swing!  Now really, is it possible to wear and enjoy comfortable high heel shoes?  They may not resemble a pair of sneakers, but Spring high heels can in fact be made more flexible and comfortable for hours of enjoyment.


Prep Feet for the Streets


Getting feet ready to wear new five-inch high heels is key.  Flex your toes to help loosen up muscles (a foot/heel massage is helpful).  Next, apply a bit of anti-antiperspirant to your foot soles, concentrating on the sides of feet and toes where blisters are most likely to occur.  This reduces natural moisture from causing friction between your feet and new Spring high heels.  Since even the most comfortable high heels can be stiff at first, keep a couple of band-aids in your pocket or purse – just in case.
spring shoes
The hottest Spring high heels can be comfortable.  Mon Ique fabric peep-toes by Luichiny, available at Zappos.


Defend Your Soles


It Is likely for five-inch high heels to become painful during longer periods of standing; some shoes may start to hurt after as little as 15 minutes!  Adding cushioned insoles to even the priciest designer high heels does a lot to soften the pain.  If your feet feel too crowded with full length insoles, opt for a smaller size “stick-on” foot pad and gel-filled heel liner.  These options will keep shoes from sliding around on feet: An instant and inexpensive way to get comfortable high heels!


Most importantly, wear high heels around your home for a couple of hours.  Not only does it soften shoes up a bit, this process acclimates feet to your new five-inch heels.  It is also a great time to practice your best model walk in new – and comfortable — Spring high heels!


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Spring Shoes | 2011 Trends | The Hottest Looks You’ll Love


The best Spring shoes are all about fresh air, fun and style you will wear again and again!  As the weather changes, designer fashion turns from dark, cozy knits and intricate leather boots to Spring shoe colors in a very large palette of monotone shades.  This year, designer espadrilles and sandals range from glamorous to superbly natural.  Two of Spring’s most-wanted Womens shoe trends, platforms and gladiator sandals, walk tall (or flat) in a sampling of faux reptile skins to tapestries of elaborate bohemian prints
spring shoes
French designer Robert Clegerie gets natural with the Waya wedge, available at Zappos.


Blend Shoes With Your Wardrobe


Spring shoes add to established wardrobe of feminine essentials, such as the season’s high-demand designer blouses and wide-legged pants that create a wonderful canvas for building upon with footwear.  Accent new, gorgeous jeweled leather sandals with a silky print wrap dress for an instant “pop!”  If you find it hard to walk in heels, service feet with a pair of day-to-night designer espadrilles.  The straw or cork platform helps to level pressure on feet, plus the shoes look sensational with every step.  Not ready to reach for the sky?  Go for a platform under 3 inches, complete with a slip-resistant sole.  Choose Spring shoe colors that blend effortlessly with warm weather fashions rated as this seasons’ best:  Ruffled silk blouses and wide-legged pants are fabulous when adorned with a new, exciting choice of leather gladiator sandal or open-toe wedge.


Leather and stone Kolby gladiator sandal by Vince Camuto, available at Zappos.


Get It Now!


What are you waiting for?  Now is the time to grab the very best designer espadrilles and Spring shoe colors you’ll love to wear for the office, a walk through the park and just about everything in between.  These styles make it super easy to love the feet you’re in.  So get on up and enjoy the latest Spring shoes from the best-looking collections available!


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Merrell Barefoot Pace Running Women’s Shoes | Bare feet Minimalist Lightweight Sneakers


Merrell Barefoot Minimalist Running Barefett Shoes


Female athletes seeking sleek and modern barefoot running shoes will revel in the heart-pumping look and feel of Merrell Pace Glove Minimalist Running Shoes. Designed to model running in bare feet, shoes like the Pace Glove feature an odor-resistant microfiber foot bed and ultra-lightweight feel. This spacy-looking pair of minimalist running shoes is designed with a shape that keeps the balls of feet and heels connected to the surface used for running. It is the closest thing to running barefoot, but with nonstop protection.


Medium-width wearers should order this running shoe true to size (for a wider fit, try half a size up). Barefoot running shoes are meant to adhere to your foot in a most natural way. The rubber sole of minimalist running shoes offers a water-resistant guard against a variety of environmental conditions; Merrell Pace Glove also comes equipped with an EVA midsole and a very flexible anti-shock system. Aesthetically, the shoe is offered in four daring color combinations, consisting mainly of pastels and fervent hints of black. The shoe’s breathable mesh upper is synced with stretchable lacing and elastic trim for a secure fit that slips on.


Bare feet shoes are meant for runners with strong, healthy soles that do not require specialized arch support. Due to the light. airy construction of this footwear, barefoot running shoes offer little support to the arch. For beginners, this fit may take getting used to. However, studies suggest that close-fitting or barefoot running shoes reduce surface shock, leaving feet less prone to injury. Intermediate and avid runners will most likely find these bare feet shoes great for the treadmill, terrain and also for everyday use. Overall, the Merrell Pace Glove barefoot running shoes are a high-energy, chic and colorful way to get up and moving!


These lightweight Merrell minimalist bare feet shoes feature:

  • Air-friendly mesh microfiber upper
  • Aegis ® antimicrobial footbed for keeping fresh
  • Black rubber toe and outsole
  • EVA midsole


For More Info on these Merrell Pace Barefoot Shoes:


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Nike Zumba Dance Shoes for Women | Comfortable White Lightweight Sneakers


Nike Musique Zumba Dance Shoes


Nike turns up the musique for Spring 2011 with powerful classic Zumba shoes designed to enhance adult fitness performance. The Musique IV leather sneaker by Nike are the brand’s answer to Zumba dance shoes for Women feature a low-cut, flexible shape intended to provide traction and exceptional pivot support during high-energy workouts. Nike zumba dance shoes also boast spherical edges, which are designed to enhance lateral movements executed in hopes of keeping up with the quick-paced Latin rhythms of Zumba.


The Nike Musique series has been recognized by fashion media as the #1-rated collection of zumba shoes for Women. Musique IV is a more understated style of Zumba dance shoes, arguably described as Nike’s fashion-friendly answer to an updated aerobic shoe, offered in 3 color combinations and featuring the signature “swoosh”, designed to blend easily with the brand’s athletic garments. Over 60% of wearers who experienced the Musique IV described the fit of these zumba shoes as unmistakeably narrow, which is no surprise due to its dramatically curved outsole. A foot-hugging “glove” experience is the nature given to this variety of footwear; females who typically wear wide widths should consider moving one half-size up when ordering Nike zumba shoes for Women . Shock absorption varies depending on the intensity and speed of movements completed during each workout.


Overall, Nike Musique IV zumba dance shoes prove to be worth their hype in regards to design. Acclaimed for its non-failing foot arch support, these lightweight zumba shoes may take a few workout classes to “break in” and increase flexibility. Those who are new to wearing zumba shoes for Women should give this style a chance. The brand known as an authority in athletic wear has once again has surpassed many consumers’ expectations with this world-renowned series of zumba shoes. Well done!


These Nike athletic lightweight women’s zumba shoes feature

  • Lightweight cushioning for high tempo dance moves through a Phylon midsole
  • Extra support for lateral steps through enhanced radiused edges
  • Extremely lightweight at only 9 oz

For More Info on these and other Nike dance shoes:


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Sandals & Shoes Spring Cleaning! How To Keep Them Looking Great

Ahh.. Spring has sprung. We know what that means: Strappy sandals and open-toe pumps are back in our favorite neutrals and pastel shades. Trendy Shoe Shop wants to make sure those gorgeous pairs stay looking new for many seasons to come. Here’s a few practical, super-easy steps to keep all your Spring shoes shiny, neat and protected from April rain!


Jimmy Choo strappy sandals

Caring for genuine leather shoes in white or pastel colors can be challenging indeed . The method of cleansing used depends strongly on the type of leather used in each shoe style. High-quality calfskin and similar varieties of leather shoes require a simple, natural-bristle shoe brush used with a cream cleanser or foam. Protective conditioning is essential for leather shoes which, like our skin, spend a good amount of time in the sun. Polish each pair of shoes with a wax or cream that matches its original color (liquid polish tends to enhance cracks). Using a soft cloth, apply shoe polish in a circular motion.


Key tip: Separate brushes and clothes should be reserved for leathers in similar shades (white, pinks, browns etc.)


Nubuck leather wears best when sprayed with a moisture-repelling shoe protector. Avoid brushing; nubuck is more prone to scratches and damage than supple calfskin. Promptly (yet gently) treat stains with a nubuck or suede shoe cleaner.


Light-Colored Suedes

Like nubuck leather, Womens suede footwear requires gentler methods of prevention and cleansing. Water-repellant spray is a must. Invest a few dollars into a conditioning formula made exclusively for suede; buff outsoles or the suede inside of footwear with a soft cloth to remove stains without heavy abrasion.


Patent Leather, Vegan and Flip Flops

Despite its unique appearance, slick and shiny patent leather is one of the easiest Women’s shoe styles to polish and clean. Coat shoes with a thin layer of liquid soap and gently wipe with a damp cloth. Once dry, apply a bit of petroleum jelly or even mineral oil to make patent leather shoes shine. Water-repellant sprays may also be used.


Key Tip: Prevent stains by using a protective shoe spray (formula varies by shoe type)


Eco-friendly, vegan leather and rubber flip flops require must less maintenance than its natural counterpart. Use a generic soap or dishwashing liquid to clean away stains; wipe with a soft damp cloth and pat dry.

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Ladie’s Suede Boots | Best Care Tips For Surviving The Winter


Waterproofing & Protecting Women’s Suede Boots


Suede Ankle Boots

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so hold your horses and treat your ladies’ suede boots before you wear them! Simply buy a water-repellant spray from your local shoe retailer. You may see popular products like Kiwi Protect-All or Wilson’s Leather & Suede Protector. Ugg and Emu also make their own suede protector kits that work great on any brand of suede ankle boots. To apply, test an unseen patch first. Then coat the boot in mist and leave outside or in a hallway to air-dry. Beware, the smell of these sprays are often quite potent – and flammable! Spray at the beginning of the season and re-coat after your next cleaning.


Preserving Ladies’ Suede Boots


For black suede boots, nothing is worse than the dreaded salt line! If your suede boots have been stomping around in the snow, be sure to dampen the entire upper portion of the boot with a wet sponge once you get inside. Do so before your boots dry off. Then, stuff the boot with newspaper to hold the shape as it air-dries. If there is excessive water, you may use a clean towel to soak up some of the water, but do not rub. You can later restore the suede fibers using a special suede brush.


Black Suede Boots


Remove Stains From Women’s Suede Boots


Panicking seems natural when an unsightly stain rears its ugly head on your precious (and often pricey) ladies’ suede boots. However, we believe this level of anxiety is counterproductive. What you really need are a few key tools at your disposal: an emery board, a suede eraser, and a suede brush.


Before you clean, use an emery board to remove dried mud and agitate the suede. You may also hold your boots over a steaming kettle or steaming iron, without applying direct heat. This will open up the pores and make cleaning easier. Use your suede eraser, rubbing in the same direction until the eraser starts to crumble and the stain reaches the surface. Wipe the eraser pieces off with a dry towel and have a go with your suede brush for suede slouch boots that are as good as new!


Faux Fur Boots


If you somehow managed to be standing near an oily splattering fryer or poured food grease on your ladies’ suede boots, rub some talcum powder or cornmeal directly on the stain to soak up the stain as much as possible. Then use your suede eraser to attack the heavy stain. A metal brush can help restore the crushing blow of a deep cleaning. Rub in circular motions for the best effect.


Poor Man’s Stain Removal For Ladies’ Suede Boots


There are also some poor man’s fixes. Don’t have a suede eraser? Try a pencil eraser. Don’t have suede cleaner? Some people use vinegar. Have no idea where to get a suede brush? Try an old toothbrush. Of course, these cheap substitutes are not the best solution. Products made exclusively for suede are no gimmick. They are simply the best. Use them.


There are also a few DON’TS to keep in mind when removing stains from suede. Don’t use basic household stain remover products – unless, of course, you think greasy cow spot stains are attractive. Don’t try to scrub stains with paper towels or the powdery white residue will scream “N00b!”


Weather Conditions To Avoid In Ladie’s Suede Boots


C’mon, don’t be defiant. Of course you love your black suede boots, but if you’re at all logical – which you must be, since you’re reading about how to care for your suede boots – then surely don’t wear those boots outside in the rain! If you know it’s going to rain or it is currently raining, just leave your precious suede home! You may get caught out in the rain, mud, or snow, but do your best to minimize damage by checking the weather forecast. If you’re slightly fanatical about looking good at the office, wear your utilitarian boots from the house to the car and change into your ladies’ suede boots once you get where you’re going.


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Faux Fur Boots TLC Tips


Winter and fall seasons are fraught with conditions like slush, sand and dirty snow that can shorten the life of your faux fur boots. One of the best and most effective protective measures you can take to preserve your faux fur boots is getting them dry cleaned. The next best strategy is to actually use upholstery cleaners. Since faux fur is a more complex material than is found in conventional boots, mere soap and water doesn’t do the trick. In fact, if you soaked faux fur in soapy water, you risk ruining the form and look of your fur boots by using this approach.
Faux Fur Boots
Should you be so unfortunate as to experience an accidental stain, the first step is to determine the exact location and depth of the stain on your boots. Them take a soft brush like a toothbrush and comb through the faux fur gently applying the agent directly on the stain combing the upholstery cleaner in until the dirt has disappeared. Be careful not to brush or scrub the stain in. The key to this remedy is to avoid tangling and knotting the fur strands as this will have the undesired effect of ruining the boots.


Should your faux fur boots get wet, do your best to dry out the material completely before attempting to clean it. If you accidentally tangle the fur, take a fine comb or soft bristle brush to unwind it and work it loose. For less invasive loose dirt particles, it’s safe to run a vacuum cleaner over the fur and complete the job with a fine brush. This is the preferred approach for regular cleaning and maintenance. Use these TLC tips to get the most mileage from your favorite pair of faux fur boots and have them looking brand new with each wear.


If your fur boots get wet, you want to get it dry as much as you can before cleaning it. Again this is to avoid creating knots in the fur. If by chance you do encounter a tangle use your soft bristle brush or fine comb to work it loose. For your random loose dirt or for maintenance cleaning, run a vacuum cleaner over the entire fur of the boots and finish off with a brush. Hopefully, using these tips, you’ll get the extra mileage out of your favorite faux fur boots and enjoy them for a long time to come.


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Top Shearling Boot Designers & Styles


Why do we love Shearling boots so much? Perhaps it’s the superior softness of the suede Shearling boots leather that just seems to form to our feet. Maybe it’s the warmth of the fleece, which insulates us from those cold December nights. Or maybe it’s the impressive selection of exquisite designers now offering short and tall Shearling boots.
UGG Shearling Boots
Undeniably, Ugg is the most popular designer of suede Shearling boots. Few boots are so immediately recognizable as these L-shaped classics. Uggs are beloved nationwide for their comfort and unparalleled warmth. While the early runs of Uggs were short, beige Shearling boots, you can now find black, wrap around laced tall Shearling boots designed by Ugg called NightFall. If you like this style, you may also appreciate Skechers’ “Spacious Boot,” Bearpaw’s “Eva” or Emu’s “Australia Bronte” – which all have very similar shapes.
Alexander McQueen-Shearling Boots


Alexander McQueen’s Shearling boots are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Imagine a dramatic heel with shiny black leather and metallic buckles, topped with signature white Shearling fleece. This stunning boot is the perfect complement to a bold, dynamic woman – whether she’s hanging out in the ski chalet or at a prestigious cocktail party. If you prefer tall Shearling boots, check out Michael Kors’ Clog Shearling Boot in coffee color, with laces, a half-inch platform and decorative gold buckles. These head-turners do not sacrifice style or warmth.  Jessica Simpson is another top designer offering suede Shearling boots with a stylish twist. Her “Camera” boot is synonymous with “cute,” giving you a wedge heel with Cowgirl fringe, tassel and rounded toe.


This winter, get the sexy tall Shearling boots you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself to long-lasting suede Shearling boots that will keep your feet dry, warm and snug all winter long. Styles run the gamut from flat and L-shaped to sexy and heeled. They may just barely cover the ankle, rise to mid-calf, or cover the knee. Some are suede, while others are shiny. No matter which Shearling boots you choose this season, you’re bound to make a statement with this popular – yet versatile — design.


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Shearling Boots Fashion Tips


As the winter approaches, we all look forward to being able to bring out shearling boots out of closet hibernation. We all ponder over what the best mix and match wardrobe combinations are to complement our favorite shearlings.


shearling boots
A fabulous and classic look to complement your boots and your figure are skinny jeans. Tuck those True Religion skimmies into your knee-high shearling boots and top it off with a dark top, matching scarf and knitted hat and you’ve got a hot winter outfit. I’m not ruling out wide-legged jeans combined with wedge shearling boots. The difference here is that I would roll them up and pull them over the boots.


If you want to convey a little more dressy yet cozy look, you can combine skirts and dresses. A short denim skirt with a pair of leggings or tights works nicely. My favorite is a knitted, woolen or crocheted dress when I prefer to keep my legs as cozy as my toes. The beauty of this look is the slimming effect that the tight fit of the leggings or tights have. The contrast of the boots against the snug fitting tights emphasizes your legs thereby elongating your body.


You can use tops to really diversify and play with your look. Anything from long sweaters to ribbed t-shirts can work when properly combined. For instance, a long wool sweater, short denim mini with dark tights and knee-high boots. Another favorite look of mine is a ribbed t-shirt, matching scarf and sharp denim blazer with tall shearling boots. For those lazy, casual winter days, I don a slim-fitting hoodie with a colorful tank top underneath, skinny jeans topped off with an eye-catching belts. Those wardrobe combos have always served as a source of compliments for me.


It’s always a smart idea to expand your options by selecting your boots in neutral colors. Some practical choices would be black shearling boots or sand, brown or chestnut shades. Going with pink suede shearling or purple leather shearling can limit you and turn into a fashion disaster if you don’t plan your outfit very carefully. Another fashion fauxpaux some women make is to overdo the shearling look by wearing a coat made out of this material which can risk making you look like an Inuit or eskimo in the city. In the end, if you select your wardrobe pieces wisely to complement your boots instead of over-emphasizing them, you’ll get more compliments than snow balls thrown your way this winter.


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Style Tips for Animal Print Shoes


One of the popular recent trends to accentuate your fall wardrobe is to complement your style with animal print shoes. Animal print flats can add that extra ommph to a lack luster casual outfit. A great spin on this theme is to take a walk on the wild side using zebra print shoes to jazz up that favorite evening outfit.animal print shoes classy

You do have to walk a fine line on this “wild side” of you to avoid having the unintended effect of looking tacky. Showing good taste by not going overboard with the animal print theme is critical. Being selective and somewhat subtle about pairing your ensemble with animal print shoes is essential in pulling off a look that exudes fashion forward and not chintzy.


Rule number one in this style balancing act is to avoid mixing animal prints that could be perceived as looking costume-like. For instance, be sure not to over do it by combining a leopard print skirt with leopard print shoes. This point is really driven home in a scene from the Mel Brooks’ movie “High Anxiety” in which the character Victoria Brisbane (played by Madeline Kahn).She arrives in the scene dripping in animal print from her jumpsuit to her car to her purse.Even thought this animal print fiasco is over exaggerated, it makes a very good case for how this style can be overdone.
animal print shoes classy


So to avoid any resemblance to this fashion disaster, a good practice would be to build your outfit around your animal print shoes. For example, animal print heels may present a clear direction to go with a classy black pencil cut skirt combined with a collared blouse and finished off with a red chunky waist belt. This is a classic example of how the wardrobe could change your look from trashy to classy. Other prints demand that you combine them with muted colors in earthy tones. Making your shoes the foundation of your outfit will create the desired effect.


The same rule applies to accessories here. To keep it simple is to keep it elegant. Too much print emphasis with purses and shoes will only serve to clash with each other. Although the idea with animal print shoes is to stand out from the crowd, you want to do so in a classy, confident style.


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